Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Scrapbook Memories

  Memory: When the new museum was finally completed there was a bucket brigade where people lined up from the old museum on a path to to new museum with decorated cans. Water was taken from the old aquarium and poured from bucket to bucket to a tank in the new museum.

Memory: My favorite memories were the summer programs as volunteer and tour guide as well as the after school Marine Biology programs and acting as naturalists on the first Whale Watch boats out of Norms Landing. Having a person like John Olguin and a Mentor and friend help me and may other teenagers through otheriwse trying times in the early 70's. Thank you John and to all of those volunteers and staff from 1970 to now.

Memory: I don't have many specific memories of when I was five but I do remember holding a baby food jar in my hands with water, sand and hatching grunion. I remember my excitement while watching the fish swim in the jar and even the smell of eucalyptus trees in the background. This memory certainly didn't hurt my career choice of becoming a marine biologist! It also is what encourages me to do my part so other children can be inspired to learn more about the ocean and what they can do to make it a healthy place for ocean life and people.

Memory: I was privileged to be a member of a church youth group that was lovingly shepherded, in part, by John & Muriel Olguin in the late '60's. They gave me so many wonderful memories of Cabrillo Beach--foggy 'kidnap breakfasts' with breakfast at the beach; running down the beach trying to 'wake up' the pelicans; tide pool tours for just our group, those crazy heavy wooden canoes, and that old VW van! But the best memory from Cabrillo Beach is learning from both John & Muriel the excitement and wonder of the natural world, and the joy that "jumping in with both feet" can bring.

Memory: My first memory of CMA was coming here on a field trip in 4th grade. I remember climbing the rocks to the tidepools and shaking a jar where fish appeared (grunion)! This started a lifelong curiosity about the ocean and wanting to be a part of the CMA family.

Memory: My favorite memory was about 1981. I had just moved to southern California from San Francisco to attend school at CSULB. Another student told me all about the grunion and suggested I attend a grunion run at Cabrillo Beach. Well, I brought my girlfriend and saw all the crowds on the outer beach and decided to watch the grunion run on the inner beach. Guess what, it was a lousy run on the inner beach and there were no grunion!