Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


  The oceanís sparkling surface disguises an unhealthy reality underneath. In Los Angeles, rain washes trash and chemicals on our streets into storm drains that flow straight to the ocean. A rising tide of pollution is sickening and killing marine life. Birds often mistake small pieces of plastic for food, sea turtles mistake plastic bags for sea jellies and chemicals sicken many ocean animals. Find out more about what you can do to prevent trash and pollution from reaching the sea.

watershedWatersheds: It all Flows to Sea
We may not realize it, but what we do at home can greatly affect our ocean.  Trash and chemicals wash down our streets and flow to the nearby ocean through our storm drains. 

If you live in Los Angeles County, do you know where your storm drains flow? Calculate your watershed area.

DDT Pollution
Learn about the history of DDT and its impact on Southern California's ocean food chain by downloading the What's the Catch comic book.

Conservation Tip: During your next beach outing, bring a trash bag along and pick up trash on the beach.