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Exploration Center

    Challenge you students to investigate science concepts along the seashore using the tools of a naturalist. During our 90-minute program, your students will be engaged in hands-on investigation of our local habitats and marine organisms both in the Exploration Center and outside!

Each of these programs includes an excursion, led by CMA’s Education Team, to explore one of the diverse Coastal Park destinations such as our California native plant garden, salt marsh, floating dock, or the sandy beach.

Students learn about the challenges facing life along the shore and our role in its conservation. During their visit, students explore and answer questions integrating physical, life, and earth sciences. Each program is designed to address grade-level standards and promote inquiry-based learning.

Marine Explorers

Program Length: 90 minutes

Day/Time Offered: Tuesday - Friday, 10 am

Grades: PreK - 2

Location: Outdoor - Cabrillo Marine Aquarium / Cabrillo Coastal Park

Program Cost: FREE with one large bag of aluminum cans per class

Month(s) Offered: October - June

Pre-K - K: Students will use their senses to examine real live kelp and the sea animals that need it to survive. Later, we venture to our inner beach to find out why animals and algae live where they do!

Grade 1: Using real specimens, students will investigate how an animal’s body and behavior can help it survive and grow      in the ocean. Then, we take a journey to the Salinas de San Pedro, our local salt marsh, to find it in action!

Grade 2: Students will have a chance to compare the diversity of life found on the sandy beach and rocky shore. Then, we take a trip to the outer Cabrillo Beach to examine the processes that have helped to form this shore!

This Aquarium-educator led program engages students with microscopes, live animals, sea stories and hands-on coastal habitat discovery. Each program is designed to address grade-level standards as students do hands-on investigation.

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