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  Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops  

Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops

    Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops provide hands-on laboratory and field experiences on a wide range of marine biology topics. Students receive an introductory lecture/slide show. Laboratory activities include use of microscopes and examination of live marine animals and other specimens. Students experience first-hand the animals and plants of the tidepools, salt marsh and sandy beaches adjacent to the aquarium. Conservation issues are incorporated in all classes.

Animal Behavior - Prey or Prowl?

Program Length: 3 hours

Day/Time Offered: Tuesday - Friday

Grades: 5 - 12

Location: Outdoor - Cabrillo Marine Aquarium / Cabrillo Coastal Park

Program Cost: $250*

Month(s) Offered: October - June

A laboratory study of the physical and behavioral adaptations used by various marine animals to feed and to avoid being eaten.  Students elicit behaviors and record responses in stinging sea anemones, "galloping" snails, clinging sea stars and other local marine life. Discussion of group observations reveals survival strategies used in many marine communities.

* For class sizes greater than 35 students, and additional $7.25/student will be charged. Limited financial assistance is available for the Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops.
Our programs can be made accessible to all audiences.  Persons with disabilities are welcome to participate.  Reasonable accommodations will be made with prior arrangements.

Reservations are required. Please call 310-548-7562, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.

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Have a question? Please call 310-548-7562 or send us an email.

Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops are L.A. City Board of Education-approved and follow guidelines of the Science Framework, the National Science Benchmarks, and California State Board Science Content Standards.