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School Programs

  Teachers! Want to teach your students about our marine environment? Cabrillo Marine Aquarium offers numerous programs and classes designed to share the wonders of our local ocean, from guided Aquarium tours, to Ocean Outreach programs that bring marine life right into your classroom, to naturalist-led whale watching programs.

Our programs are LAUSD Board of Education approved and are aligned with the State of California grade-level science standards.

To help you choose the right program for your class, use the School Program Selection Tool:

Our Free Educator Workshops are available for teachers who want to bring ocean science into the classroom.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Education Programs 2023-2024

  EXHIBIT HALL - Southern California marine life collection
    Exhibit Hall Tours K-Adult Oct-Mar 90 min. Free*
    Summer Exhibit Hall Tours PreK-12th Jun-Aug 90 min. Free*
    Self-Guided Visits PreK-Adult Year-round   Free*
    Virtual Visits K-Adult Oct-June 1 hr. Fee-based

  OUTDOOR PROGRAMS - Learn about marine life on the beach
    Explore the Shore K-12th Oct-June 90 min. Free*
    Spring Outdoor Classroom PreK-5th Mar-Jun 90 min. Free*
    Key to the Sea 1-5th Oct-June 90 min. Free*

 SEA SEARCH - Marine biology workshops
  Life on the Rocky Shores K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  What Lives on the Sandy Beach? K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Habitat Comparison K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Salt Marsh and Plankton 3-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Ichthyology 5-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based

 OCEAN OUTREACH - Bringing the ocean to you
  Adventures of C-Weed the Snail PreK Jun-Feb 50 min. Fee-based
  At Home in the Sea K-1st Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Treasures in the Tidepools 2nd-8th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Greatest Fish Story Ever Told 1st-4th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Thar She Blows! Whale of a Lesson 2nd-6th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Shark! It's OK to Go in the Water 3rd-6th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  What is Plankton Anyway? 3rd-8th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Squid Dissection 3rd-8th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Fish Dissection 3rd-8th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based
  Fish Printing 2nd-8th Year-round 1 hr. Fee-based

 WHALE WATCHING - See whales and dolphins in the wild
   Boat Trips PreK-Adult Year-round 2-3 hrs. Fee-based
   Presentations: Live or Virtual PreK-Adult Year-round 1 hr. Free*

*FREE! CMA wants a clean LA! Your students can help us with this goal through in-class activities or service-learning projects in support of our free programs. Information will be provided upon registration.
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