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Sea Search Marine Biology Workshops

    Virtual Marine Biology Workshops provide interactive and engaging experiences that focus on a wide range of marine biology topics.

Topics offered include:
    1-What Lives on the Sandy Beach,
    2-Life on the Rocky Shores,
    3-Salt Marsh and Plankton, and

Each class includes an introduction with a presentation specifically designed for that topic, in addition to virtual interactions with the live animals at the Aquarium. Conservation issues are incorporated in all classes.

Details: Tuesday-Friday, October-May. One-hour program.

Programs are adaptable to grade-specific California state science standards.

Reservations are required. 

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School Programs

What Lives on the Sandy Beach? - Virtual Program: Grades K - 12
Southern California’s sandy beaches are teeming with life, although much stays hidden to the human eye. As the tide rises and falls, different species, from those under the sand and water to those above it, take advantage of the food, space, and other resources of this ecosystem.

Life on the Rocky Shores - Virtual Program: Grades K - 12
Virtually explore the exposed rocky shore of the Point Fermin Tidepools and the ecosystems that lie in the different tidal zones. Video and live specimens are used to examine the challenges that many of tidepool inhabitants have to face during high and low tides. Explore the unique adaptations many of the animals have to the constantly changing environments.

Salt Marsh and Plankton - Virtual Program: Grades 3 - 12
The Salt Marsh Habitat is a unique and vital connection between land, fresh water, and the ocean. The coastal California watershed historically linked many freshwater wetlands fed by the coastal mountain ranges to natural springs, creeks, rivers, and reached the ocean opening up to plentiful and ecologically productive salt marshes, the predominant shallow water coastal ocean habitat.

Ichthyology - Virtual Program: Grades 5 - 12
The form, function, and ecology of many types of fish is discussed. Virtually investigate the internal and external anatomy of fish through dissection and fish printing.  Examine the myths about sharks and record virtual observations of our aquarium fish.