Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

See the Sea, Si? Floating Oceanography Lab - Cancelled

Saturday, August 17, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This event has been cancelled

Come Aboard a Floating Lab and See the Sea, si’?

Join us on the water for a Cabrillo Marine Aquarium floating oceanography lab. This hands-on trip will be aboard a specially equipped vessel where you’ll have opportunities to study some of the near shore animals. Learn about the fascinating world of plankton, animals that call mud their home and some of the fish that prefer the sandy bottom.

The trip starts with a “fish-eye” view of the underwater world living on and around the dock, which will be revealed by an underwater camera. Passengers will be able to watch this real-time ocean documentary featuring sea anemones, sea stars, tunicates, and fish via monitors on the boat.

Once the boat enters the harbor, a specialized net called an otter trawl will be set. Any fishes collected with this net will be placed in tanks on the boat giving passengers up close and personal looks at several types of flatfish, perch and croaker. A trap will also be set on the ocean floor to try to catch sand bass, scorpion fish, crabs and other bottom-dwelling critters. Critters caught in the trap will be displayed onboard giving everyone a chance to touch some of the animals.

During the trip, Cabrillo staff will point out birds in the area, explain what identifying characteristics to look for and share fun bird facts. Here’s your chance to see and learn more about gulls, brown pelicans, cormorants, terns, and herons.

In addition, there may be a chance to see sea lions and maybe even dolphins! See all this marine life and more within the comforts of the harbor. Cabrillo’s expert staff will be onboard to discuss marine life and answer questions.

Pre-registration is required. Please call 310-548-7562 to reserve your spot today! THE BOAT LEAVES FROM LONG BEACH, ONCE YOU REGISTER YOU WILL RECEIVE THE LOCATION DETAILS.

Member Price: $25, Non-Member Price: $30


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