Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Deeper Dive with Tom Mustill

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and American Cetacean Society / Los Angeles Chapter present “Deeper Dive”, a monthly webinar series investigating the lives of whales and other marine mammals.

How to Speak Whale: A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication
by Tom Mustill, Author and Film Producer

On a cold, but idyllic day in September 2015, Tom Mustill was paddling in a kayak with a friend when a thirty-ton humpback whale breached, landing on top of them with the energy equivalent to forty hand grenades. He was certain he was about to die, but both he and his friend survived miraculously unscathed. In the interviews that followed the viral incident, Mustill was left with one question: What could this astonishing encounter teach us?

In his thrilling investigation into whale science and animal communication, How to Speak Whale: A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication, Tom journeys into a space that dares to imagine a future where animals and humans can speak to one another.

Drawing from his experience as a naturalist and wildlife filmmaker, Mustill started investigating human-whale interactions around the world and discovered a revolution taking place in biology as the most exciting technologies we've developed to explore our own languages are being turned to nature. Embarking on a journey starting with seventeenth century Dutch inventors and progressing all the way to the cutting-edge world of Silicon Valley and developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) today—where big data meets big beasts— "How to Speak Whale" traces the advances top scientists and start-ups around the world are making to decode animal languages. Whales offer one of the most realistic opportunities for human-animal interactions and by studying their giant complex mammalian brains, their unique companionable social behavior, their surprising similarities to humans, and the striking and even beautiful ways they communicate with one another, we may one day soon be able to have a conversation with them.

Join us on a Deeper Dive with Tom Mustill where we will discuss his new book, his documentary "Humpback Whales: A Detective Story", and his life-altering experience with a breaching whale!

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