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The children’s corner in CMA’s library features many great books about the ocean and marine life. Here are a few highlights to tempt you into stopping by during your next visit. Get ready to dive into a reading adventure!

“Bonnie Barnacle Finds a Home” by Evelyn Dabritz
Follow Bonnie the acorn barnacle as she develops from a microscopic larva into an adult living in a beautiful pinkish-red, striped shell. During her travels, she discovers relatives living on ships, predators with huge gaping mouths and a nice home to settle with sea lettuce in the front yard. What more could a barnacle want?

“Starfish, Urchins & Other Echinoderms” by Daniel Gilpin
Learn everything there is to know about echinoderms in this reference book designed for young readers. The phylum Echinodermata includes some of the most common creatures on Earth, yet these animals have a very uncommon design with bodies built around a five-sectioned structure. Echinoderms include iconic ocean critters such as the sea star, sea urchin, brittle star and sea cucumber. Find out why sea urchins have spines, how sea stars eat and what animals are hunting for echinoderms.

“I Can Save The Ocean: The Little Green Monster Cleans Up the Beach” by Alison Inches
Max the little green monster loves swimming in the ocean, but he isn’t a fan of picking up after himself when he’s at the beach. Then one day he goes snorkeling and sees only trash and realizes his mistake. Join him on his journey to stop ocean trash as he picks up trash on the beach, confronts litterers and learns how garbage on the street ends up in the ocean.

“A Swim through the Sea” by Kristin Joy Pratt
Seamore the seahorse heads off on an ocean traveling excursion to see what he might see. It turns out there’s so many different ocean animals that he spots one for practically every letter of the alphabet. And even if there’s no match for the letter “Q,” he still is able to “quickly recognize racing rays.” This is a fun board book for beginning readers.

“The Truth about Great White Sharks” by Mary M. Cerullo
This book reveals the reality of the ocean’s fiercest and most feared creature. Discover how marine biologists are gathering information to find out more about a great white shark’s true nature. Learn the three qualities that make a great white shark a top predator of the sea and uncover unusual shark facts. For example, did you know that sharks almost never get cancer? Who knew!

Post Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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