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16 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day (4/14/16)
Join an exciting day of activity to celebrate caring for the Earth. The day begins with a cleanup of Cabrillo Beach. Then head over to CMA to interact with local agencies and environmental groups, make projects you can take home and hatch grunion...KIDSGUIDE article

Where to Find SoCalís Best Tidepools (1/21/16)
Educators from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium lead regular tours of the Point Fermin tidepools ó for free! Youíll start with a slide show in the aquarium auditorium, then scramble out to the rocks...KIDSGUIDE article

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium launches $25 million expansion plan in San Pedro (3/22/15)
While San Pedro pushes forward with plans to develop its waterfront, thereís one beachfront attraction thatís been drawing crowds for 80 years. And come April, the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium will launch a $25 million expansion project that calls for updated exhibits, an eye-catching new entryway and a new pavilion... Daily Breeze article

4 ways to enjoy local grunion runs (3/17/15)
Hundreds of people lined up under the dim light of the full moon along a stretch of Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro on a recent Saturday night. The large crowd was almost eerily quiet as gentle low waves crashed on the beach... Daily Breeze article

Aquarium boosts reproduction of  California's state marine fish (9/9/13)
San Pedroís Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has discovered a way to dramatically boost reproduction of Californiaís official state marine fish Ė the tangerine-colored garibaldi.... Los Angeles Times article

Grunion Love, SoCal Style (4/1/13)
While a weekend in Barbados watching mama sea turtles lay eggs in the beach sand DOES sound pretty darn nice, Southlanders donít need to travel far to experience a sea creatures exiting the water with the purpose of procreation.

The Southern California Grunion Run is a bona fide rite of passage and an annual event that celebrates that slippery silver fish that has found beach sand the perfect incubator... SoCalWild article

Unusual tropical octopus scooped up by fisherman near San Pedro
An octopus from the tropics has surfaced in Southern California and can now be viewed at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium after it was scooped up by a fisherman near San Pedro. The female argonaut octopus, commonly called a paper nautilus, is a rare sight because it normally lives in tropical and subtropical waters... Los Angeles Times article

Unusual octopus specimen found off San Pedro
Like the unusually warm weather this week, the ocean currents just off the coast are especially balmy, creating conditions that are just right for a species of cephalopod almost never seen in this area... Daily Breeze article
Blue whales off SoCal coast create beautiful sight (8/31/12)
Sleek as torpedoes shooting through the water, blue whales made an unusual appearance off the coast of Laguna Niguel on Friday. The largest mammals in the world could be seen near the shore as they sought out their food... KABC-TV video/article
For A Silvery Calif. Fish, A Special Moonlit Night (8/17/12)
Summertime is beach time in Southern California, even at night. Locals gather around bonfires, roast marshmallows and enjoy each other's company. On some very special nights, there's even sex ó at least for the fish... NPR story
Study finds white abalone on the brink of extinction (7/4/12)
White abalone, the endangered shellfish that once numbered in the millions off the Southern California coast, have declined precipitously over the last decade and are on the brink of extinction... Los Angeles Times article

Tumor Found on White Croaker Fish Mystifies Cabrillo Marine Scientists
A recent fishing excursion in the Los Angeles Harbor landed a strange find - a white croaker with a quarter-size tumor on its head... Press Telegram article

Whale-watch Season kicks off with gray whale, dolphin sightings
Whale-watching season is under way in Southern California. A group of enthusiasts, along with some volunteers, gathered in Redondo Beach, got on a ship and kicked off the season the right way. KABC-TV video/article

The sea runs deep in new biography of John Olguin, longtime director of CMA 
John Olguin taught us to love the ocean. Indeed, it was Olguin's job to argue the case for protecting the sea as longtime director of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. Los Angeles Times article

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in LA is Fun for Entire Family (8/4/11)
The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium recently celebrated its 76th anniversary, and it remains a great place to visit with the family. There are so many activities. It's educational, inexpensive, and most importantly, it's fun! KABC-TV video/article

Marine Researchers Attempt To Breed Endangered Abalone (7/12/11)
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium researchers gathered around four buckets in the aquatic nursery Tuesday afternoon, waiting patiently for the endangered white abalone inside to get in the mood. Daily Breeze article

Rewards Do Come from their Scientific Methods (5/14/11)
L.A. science fair recognizes students' world-class projects.
It was a passion for surfing that helped lead Adrienne McColl to the final round of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles... Los Angeles Times article

Whale Remains Wash Ashore (5/9/11)
A large humpback whale, missing about a third of its body, washed onto the rocks at White Point Beach in San Pedro during the weekend of May 7-8, 2011... Daily Breeze article

Focus Helped Girl Turn the Tide (4/25/11)
A humid laboratory redolent of sea life where the gurgling of aquarium tanks fills the air: It's an odd setting for emotional healing. But for teenager Adrienne McColl, the aquatic nursery facility at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium has been a safe harbor... Daily Breeze article

A Single Garibaldi Near Cabrillo Beach Sires a Generation of Fish (12/23/10)
A single male Garibaldi that has been tending his nest of red algae near the Cabrillo Beach breakwater for about a decade has fathered fish that now live around the country. Thousands of the eggs he has nurtured in his nest each breeding season have been harvested for the aquatic nursery at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium... Daily Breeze article

Post Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016


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