Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

75 Years

  Historical photos of Cabrillo Beach

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Aerial photo of Point Fermin and Cabrillo Beach

Inner Cabrillo Beach before the beach was created in the mid 1920s

Cabrillo Beach during the early 1930s before the building of the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse

Cabrillo Beach is an artificial beach and was created in the late 1920s

Cabrillo Beach in the 1930s showing both the Boathouse and the Bathhouse

This view shows the original entrance to Cabrillo Beach

This view is from the Cabrillo Boathouse Pier looking back towards the inner Cabrillo Beach

Bathing Beauties of Cabrillo Beach in the 1930s

Cabrillo Beach opened in 1928. The newly build boathouse and pier are to the left. The construction of the Cabrillo Bathhouse had not begun.

By 1932 the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse was completed and the Cabrillo Beach became a hub of activity for people to enjoy a day at the beach

The original entrance to Cabrillo Beach

Enjoying the tidepools of Cabrillo Beach from the 1970s

The Port of Los Angeles built this 3.5 acre salt marsh in 1985.

The last pergola added to Cabrillo Beach was in the middle. It was the only one with a gas stove.

School tours started in the 1950s. Marine life was featured in the downstairs of the bathhouse.

The outer beach in 1925 showing a small village near the beginning of the breakwater.