Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


Sebastes paucispinis


Fun Facts

    The bocaccio can live up to 45 years.

    One female can produce over 2 million eggs per season.




The bocaccio is a type of rockfish that lives in kelp forests and along rocky reefs.  Bocaccio occur from the Gulf of Alaska to central Baja Mexico. The body is uniform dark or dusky-red on back, pinkish below. Juveniles have dark brown spotting on sides. This species grows to at least 3 feet (98 cm) in length.

Bocaccio feed on a variety of marine species, such as shrimp and crabs, anchovies, sardines, other small rockfishes, and squid. They are viviparous rockfish (have live birth); in Southern California they release the larvae in 2 or more batches and spawning occurs almost all year.

Bocaccio are usually found at the Aquarium in tank number 21 and 33 and the Tidepool Touch Tank.