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Does pressure affect lobster embryonic growth?

One of our student researchers turned a lot of heads and started a lot of discussion by investigating how increased pressure affects the development of spiny lobster embryos in our Aquatic Nursery laboratory exhibit.  Pressure increases with depth due to the weight of water above and mother lobsters move from deep to shallow water when it is time for their babies to hatch. To mimic the deep waters of the ocean, the researcher put some lobster eggs into a custom-built chamber set to the pressure at 27 meters underwater for five days and then compared these eggs to a control group at sea level pressure. Over 20 days, the researcher compared body structures developing in each experimental group and found that pressure did not affect rate of growth. We can conclude that if embryos attached to their mother stayed in deeper waters before hatching, it would not harm or slow down their development. Temperature, however, was found to significantly influence growth in a companion study by the same researcher.


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