Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
  Individual Donations  

Individual Donations

    Help keep CMA moving along!

Copepods are tiny crustaceans that live in the ocean and nearly every freshwater habitat. Scientists say they form the largest animal biomass on earth.

Many copepods are planktonic, meaning they rely on the ocean current to move - much as FCMA relies on its Friends to keep the Aquarium moving along. Be a friend and donate today!

Your donation allows Friends of Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to:
  • Cover emergency tank repairs and protect our animals
  • Pay for travel and keep staff up-to-date on best practices
  • Thank our volunteers with snacks, lunches and the annual awards dinner
  • Buy new equipment for collecting specimens and kelp to feed our animals
  • Support young scientists and purchase supplies for their research projects
  • Fund ocean education programs and much more!
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