Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Sandy Beaches

Sandy Beaches


Southern California Species

California Grunion   California Grunion   Arrow
Leuresthes tenuis

Unlike other fish, grunion come completely out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand.

California Halibut   California Halibut   Arrow
Paralichthys californicus

The California halibut is a flatfish with both eyes on one side of its head!

California Skate   California Skate   Arrow
Raja inornata

The California Skate has a skeleton made completely out of cartilage.

Horn Shark   Horn Shark   Arrow
Heterodontus francisci

The female horn shark lays a distinctive spiral-shaped egg case.

Pacific Angel Shark   Pacific Angel Shark   Arrow
Squatina californica

The Pacific angel shark superficially looks like a ray, but is a true shark.

Sand Dollar   Sand Dollar   Arrow
Dendraster excentricus

You can't spend these dollars, they are relatives to sea stars.

Sea Pansy   Sea Pansy   Arrow
Renilla koellikeri

A sea pansy is not a flower, but is an animal that is related to sea jellies.

Western Gull   Western Gull   Arrow
Larus occidentalis

The Western gull typically lives about 15 years, but can live to at least 25 years.

Willet   Willet    Arrow
Tringa semipalmata

The willet is very territorial and will aggressively defend their nesting and feeding territory.