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Aquatic Nursery Tours

    The Aquatic Nursery offers a handful of specialized tours through the laboratory during the school year. Our working laboratory is home to research on endangered and threatened animals that we are trying to recover and protect. Tours to small groups will describe our research activities and guide students briefly through our working space.
  Reservations are required. Most public schools must make tour reservations through their district office. Private and other schools must submit the Reservation Form. No phone reservations will be taken. Attention LAUSD Teachers: Your group tour must be reserved through the School Journeys office. Check your school's office for supplemental trip forms.

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Have a question? Please call 310-548-7562 or send us an email.

School Programs

Lab Research 101: Grades 5 - 12
Lab Research 101 is a two-visit experience which provides students with the opportunity to explore, in depth, the scientific method and research process in our Aquatic Nursery, a unique laboratory-on-exhibit where we raise young sea animals and young scientists. Each of the two 120 minute visits will focus on key parts of the scientific method, using local marine life and connecting to marine conservation issues. Students will exercise their observational, problem solving, and critical thinking skills by conducting a guided research experiment!

Over two visits, with the guidance of Aquatic Nursery scientists, students will:
•    Be introduced to making observations and asking scientific questions
•    Develop a question and hypothesis
•    Learn basic experimental design
•    Run an experiment to test their hypothesis and collect data
•    Learn how to organize data
•    Learn how to interpret and communicate data