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School & Group Field Trips

Our Free Educator Workshops are available for teachers who want to bring ocean science into the classroom.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Education Programs 2022-2023

  EXHIBIT HALL - Southern California marine life collection
    Exhibit Hall Tours K-12th Oct-Mar 90 min. Free
    Summer Exhibit Hall Tours PreK-12th Jun-Aug 90 min. Free
    Self-Conducted Visits PreK-12th Year-round   Free
  VIRTUAL VISITS - Southern California marine life collection
    Virtual Exhibit Hall Tours K-Adult Oct-June 1 hr. Fee-based

  OUTDOOR PROGRAMS - Learn about marine life on the beach
    Explore the Shore K-12th Oct-June 90 min. Free
    Spring Outdoor Classroom PreK-5th Mar-Jun 90 min. Free
    Key to the Sea 1-5th Oct-June 90 min. Free

 SEA SEARCH - Marine biology workshops
  Life on the Rocky Shores K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  What Lives on the Sandy Beach? K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Habitat Comparison K-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Salt Marsh and Plankton 3-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based
  Ichthyology 5-12th Oct-June 3 hrs. Fee-based

 OCEAN OUTREACH - Bringing the ocean to you
  Treasures in the Tidepools PreK-8th Aug-Dec 30 min. Fee-based
 WHALE WATCHING - See whales and dolphins in the wild
   Boat Trips PreK-12th Dec-Apr 2-3 hrs. Fee-based
   Presentations: Live or Virtual PreK-12th Year-round 1 hr. Free

Check out our 2020-2021 Education Poster (Sand Crab) here.
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Post Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023


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